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Grooming, Dressing & Preparing to be Filmed

Getting camera-ready

getting camera-ready

When it comes to producing a video, you cannot ignore the importance of grooming and presentation. Choosing the right clothing, make-up, colors and other elements shouldn’t be ignored. Here are some things to consider when getting camera-ready:

Getting ready for the video shoot

Ideally, wear an outfit that reflects your personality in the video. Remember, you must feel comfortable in the attire you choose to wear. Being in front of a camera is stressful enough, so you want to have as many things working to relax you as is possible. Since an audience can sniff out inauthenticity, you should look your normal self so that the audience relates to you for who you are . As a CEO, you’ll want to wear formal attire to create a statement. Wear your normal clothing if you work in an office, factory or profession and are being filmed at the location of your employment.

Color choice

Avoid wearing white or black because these colors glow on the camera and stand out. Cameras find the brightest object in the picture and make your face look brighter. Black color needs more light to reflect on camera. If you wear black, the camera will let in more light, which will probably wash out everything else in the picture, including your face.

White is bright. With white as a base, it will force neutral colors to be underexposed. When black is the predominate value, the camera will need more light to compensate for the black values, thus overexposing brighter hues.

  • Try to avoid highly saturated colors that tend to bleed into other parts of the picture. Your red tie might be creating a lasting impression in person, but it might bleed into other colors on the camera, thus making your face look flushed.
  • Neutral hues and cool blues are easy on the camera, which means the sensor has an easy time exposing the color exposure values it sees. Blue is a calming color and reflects well on the camera with subdued color tones.
  • Earth tones are another good choice. Brown, tan, and green are always camera-safe choices.

Design patterns

Avoid wearing small intricate designs, such as checks, pin stripes, hounds-tooth, or herringbone patterns when you are preparing to appear in your video. These designs interact with the camera’s scanning pattern and can swim or vibrate on screen generating new patterns. The viewer might find it distracting when your clothes appear vibrating or buzzing on screen, which is a common problem with such patterns.

Preparing for camera lights

Think of soft solid hues and avoid flashy jewelry or other metallic accessories that tend to reflect light and shine too much because these will distract the viewer’s attention. Also, if you plan frequent camera appearances and wear prescription eye-wear, it will help to make sure that the lenses and frames are glare-proof.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you have to dress appropriately for the camera because the colors and patterns you see in reality are distorted in the camera. Thus, the importance of proper clothing color selection for your video production project cannot be stressed enough. Make sure that your clothing matches well with the occasion you’re being filmed for.

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