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Have you figured out social video? (part 2)

Amber Naslund, VP of Social Strategy for Radian6, and co-author of “The NOW Revolution,” thinks creative agencies like the Jun Group really aren’t doing “social video,” because “social” isn’t just about the creative, or where you place a video production Chicago, or what reactions you’re trying to get out of others – it’s about being.

Here is some of what Amber had to say:

[Social video] is going to take time. Some companies are already there. Others are really far behind. But what will happen is the people who want those companies to truly BE social; and not just do social, are going to insist on it; and they’re going to start calling them out on it. Like, this isn’t social – we want to talk to you! We don’t want to talk to Christine Aguillera (especially after how she sang the national anthem)… That kind of swell is going to come from the consumers themselves. If that business and their consumer base is ready for that, they will push them in that direction – slowly but surely.

Grant Crowell, of REELSEO, has his own definition of social video production Chicago.

  • It’s not about acting; it’s about being real.
  • It’s not about advertising, it’s about engaging.
  • It’s about real conversations with people – with consumers, with customers, with colleagues – with all the people you’re trying to reach.
  • It’s about having an authentic message; and sharing your philosophy and values that lets others relate to you.
  • It’s about being open and inviting.
  • It’s about building positive experiences and relationships.
  • It’s not just an outcome; it’s about participation – yours.
  • It’s not about hierarchy; it’s about treating everyone as equals
  • It’s more than just what you say; it’s about who you are and what you do.
  • It’s not just about commerce, it’s about your culture; a culture you create, share, and let others build on and contribute to.
  • You make customers feel like they’re not just buying something, but that they’re part of something.
  • And finally, social video is using video as the medium for building a participatory audience, culture, and community that’s good for business.

What “social video” should be:

  • Social video is about using video to design a real, authentic social experience between you and your audience. It should feel real to them.
  • Social video shouldn’t be equated with doing entertaining video advertisements. An ad creates a wall between the company and the consumer. Social Video It should include having a real dialog with your audience, utilizing social networks, getting feedback, or letting others participate in and around your video (and your video campaigns).
  • Social video should integrate the creative, placement, distribution, and conversation right from the start.  It shouldn’t treat these components separately or after-the-fact.
  • Social video should involve paying attention to, and responding to, people who are engaging with your video. It should serve as a conduit for showing you’re paying attention to your customers, showing that you’re listening to what they’re saying, and letting you talk to each other – not just business-to-customer, but customer-to-customer.
  • Social video isn’t about the number of views you get; it’s about the quality and enthusiasm of the feedback you get.
  • Social video is not about talking to people, it’s about talking with people. You use it to engage with your audience on a direct, equal level with no corporate barrier.

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