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Is it Cheaper to Create My Own Video Production?

video production

Initially yes. But ultimately, probably not. I was reminded of that fact as we recently filmed a short video production for an optometrist’s website. It’s only a 14 second shot and there was some discussion among the owners of the business as to whether it would make sense to film the sequence with an iPhone.

They could have saved themselves the cost of us doing the production. However, the image quality, framing, depth of field, lighting, camera move and other elements wouldn’t have been as good as what we did with our experienced videographer and professional equipment. And as I’ve mentioned many times, people generalize from your video to your business. Good video means a good business and of course the opposite is true.

You have to think of the ROI and the impression you are giving to potential and existing customers. A well-crafted video shows that you give attention to detail and care about quality.

And don’t forget, every website needs a video! I can’t think of one industry or business where a short 30-90 second video wouldn’t be appropriate or a big plus to have on its website. Great for conversions, explaining your product or service, SEO and branding.

So if you would like to have your video production professionally produced, contact us at

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