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How to Hire a Video Editing Company in Chicago (Pt. 1)

Choosing the Perfect Video Editing Company

hiring a video editing company

Hiring a video editing company in Chicago is like hiring one anywhere, except that you have a huge number of choices in a large city. But whether you have many or few choices, your digital video editor needs to be chosen wisely.

The major criteria that people think about are asking for examples of the editors work and the price they will pay. However there are more criteria you should consider. Here are some things you may also want to throw into the mix:


How quickly can this project be completed? Get a timeline from the editor to determine when the various stages of the edit will be completed.

Motion Graphics

Your edit may require motion graphics or some form of animation to make it ‘come alive’. Make sure that your editor can provide attractive ‘eye candy’ to attract the viewer, keep his or her attention and illustrate complex concepts. Our motion graphics page gives you an idea of what you should expect your editor to be able to do.


If you will be at the editing session, make sure that you’ll have a comfortable environment in which to edit. Is it private, relatively noise free, professional, etc.?

Speed of the Editor

Different from the deadline issue, it does no good if the editor promises you a low hourly rate if it takes him or her forever to do the edit. This is especially true if you’re going to attend the editing session. Aside from the edit going longer than anticipated and having the cost increase accordingly, consider your time, which is also valuable.


If the price point is too low, it may mean that the editor is backed up with lots of projects or is discounting their services because they don’t have any work. There’s nothing wrong with them discounting their price, as it could be your lucky day to get a deal on a great editor. However, it could also be a possible red flag that there might be a problem with this person. Just be cautious if the price is too low.

Test and Verify

If you have the luxury of time, it might be a good idea to hire the editor for a small project and see how that goes before using them for a larger project.

…Come back next week for part II!

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