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Hollywood Wants Your Online Video Viewing Attention Back

Hollywood, the king of film, video, and most other moving picture formats, is so mad! For decades, Hollywood reigned supreme in the media landscape. It had the finest actors, the most skilled gaffers, and the best best boys.

But one day, out of nowhere, the Internet happened all over Hollywood’s perfect, emotionless face. Overnight videographer Chicago, viral videos, YouTube, and inebriated toddlers seized America’s eyes and ears. It was the upset of the 21st century. Average American folks, with little more than a webcam and some elbow grease, could finally be famous. In the year 2010, an overweight cage fighter became a household name for crying about a rainbow. Hollywood would never have allowed people to get free entertainment whenever they wanted, but the Internet, for better or worse, is much more open-minded.

According to a comScore press release, Americans watched 34 billion videos in May. ?The average YouTube user watched over 100 videos, and the average Hulu user watched more than two and a half hours of video production. That’s time people could have spent seeing Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs at the local cineplex, or watching HBO’s Sunday night programming. Instead, people chose to direct their attention towards amateurs, video marketers, and vloggers producing short content that’s easy to absorb and easier to share with friends. Financially speaking, that’s a lot of money that could have gone to Hollywood, but may have actually gone to marketing firms, Internet Service Providers, or your neighbor’s PayPal account.

And though no one is taking money from Hollywood, viewer attention is still the business’s ultimate goal.

To no one’s surprise, Hollywood set its sights on all that Crisp Internet Money. With all the necessary videographer Chicago resources readily available, Hollywood called up some known sponsors and proven talent, and dove into the deep waters of new media. As a result, Lisa Kudrow became (sort of) relevant again.

On the constantly evolving Internet, brands had to adjust their behavior to engage customers. But with the resources available online, they could learn about their audience with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The most popular videos are clearly defined. Likewise, having a forum for comments and discussion allows marketers and producers to see what people are saying about the content. People wanted videos that were fun and cheeky, and that’s what marketers delivered, along with a brand for people to associate their favorite video production with.

Just like that, the fun, anything goes mentality of online videographer Chicago had become monetized. Sponsored and branded content became the norm for companies seeking to engage customers from all fronts. Naturally, some brands missed the mark completely…

And Internet-exclusive celebrities even fought back…

In time, Hollywood could become king of the Internet too. Sure, certain Internet personalities will hold onto their notoriety, and homemade gems will continue to go viral, but who will dance with the amateurs once Will Arnett shows up to the party? While videographer Chicago becomes more of a must-have in any brand’s marketing arsenal, professional production will also become more important to successful video efforts.

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