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How Businesses Use Video to Boost Sales (Pt. 2)

(Find part 1 of this article here.)

Video Marketing Concept Through Magnifying Glass.

Video marketing

Aside from the educational and training aspects of video, it’s also a very strong marketing tool. In addition to producing promotional videos to play on your website, show at trade shows and send to customers, video can be used in social marketing as well. Posting it on YouTube, Google+, Yahoo, Yelp!, Facebook, Vine, LinkedIn, Vimeo and other video distribution and social marketing sites can definitely add to your company’s credibility, exposure and search engine optimization.

The idea isn’t just to get a high number of videos out there. It’s best to consider your audience and make sure that your video marketing is relevant to them. Otherwise, you’re probably whistling in the wind.

Internal communications

Businesses are also using video for internal communications. Aside from consistent training, employees need to know what’s happening in the company. We produced a video for a large, multinational corporation that was offering a mini-social media site for their employees to communicate with each other and share information. This video explained how to use the social media site and informed its employees that it was expected that they would use it for internal communication.

Another use for internal videos is when the CEO or some other top executive needs to communicate to the entire company on an important issue or policy. This is a great way to create a cohesive corporate culture, make sure that everyone gets the facts straight and documents the communication. If it’s on video, there is no way of disputing what was said.

An orientation video is much more useful and flexible than an employee handbook that may go unread. There’s nothing wrong with producing both the video and handbook, but you can be more confident that the new employee will be more likely to watch a 5-10 minute company orientation video than read a manual.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked question (FAQ) videos are also becoming more and more popular on business websites. Instead of having a large staff of telephone operators answering questions, FAQ videos provide the answers to many questions 24/7. If a client in another time zone wants an answer to a question now, they’ll be very pleased to be able to get the answer any time they want it. Videos can provide answers consistently and the way you want them answered. 

Summing it up

Make sure your video marketing is creative and as highly viewable as is possible. Dollars spent for a production don’t mean much if your video isn’t engaging. Creativity, good content and entertainment all pay a big role in the success of your video. If you’re not sure how to make your video engaging, consult a professional such as Video One Productions! We can help you in any facet of your production including scripting, production, editing and even marketing your video.


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