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How to Make a Video Go Viral (Pt. 2)

Below are a couple more tips on how to make a video go viral. If you missed our first set of tips, check them out here.

how to make a video go viral

How Will You Market Your Video?

Don’t be the tree that falls in the forest that no one hears or sees. You need to develop a marketing plan to make sure that people see your great video. You should promote it through your blog, on a page of your website, through social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. You might consider issuing a press release through PR Web or another distribution service. You can upload it to other video distribution sites than YouTube. There’s Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vine, Upstream and others. My feeling is the more the merrier.

The point is that you need to get the ball rolling. If your video is meant to go viral, it will. But you need to give it a good push due to the competition out there. Send a link of your masterpiece to your friends, colleagues and of course your clients. If it’s entertaining, everyone should at least get a kick out of watching it. And if they like it, they’ll forward it to others or at least remember you for that great video you sent them.

Build it and They Will Come

Maybe yes and maybe no. The point here is that if your viral video is as successful as you want it to be, you need to be able to capture as many prospects as you can who respond to your video. It would be a shame to put all of that effort to make a great video, have it attract lots of viewers and not be able to capture people who are trying to do business with you.

I’m not saying to double your manufacturing capabilities based on the hope that lots of people will send you orders due to watching the wonderful manufacturing process you use or as a result of watching an emotional video. However, you need to give some thought to the ‘what if’ question. Can you figure out a way to capture their emails or hire a service to take calls that might come in? Can you ramp up production if your orders double. The only thing worse than having a bottleneck in fulfilling your customers orders is not having any orders to fulfill! But just the same, you don’t need to disappoint people or have them wanting to do business with you and not be able to respond.

Maybe drive people to a landing page where they can sign up for something (ideally free). Then, when you have their contact information, you can get back to them in a more organized fashion, rather than having 100 or 1000 people trying to call you at the same time.

Just think it through. Speaking of thinking things through, we can help you do just that with your video. Give us a call so we can discuss your ideas, share ours and perhaps help you make your viral video!

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