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How to Select and Prep Your Talent

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how to select talent

It is the talent behind your production that will help define its success. Undoubtedly, the success of a production’s storyline is heavily dependent on the talent of your contributors who are a priceless resource for lending it credibility and communicating your message. Here are a couple tips on how to select talent and prep them for your production.

The Selection Criteria

When it comes to selecting the right talent, you don’t want to end up with just an average actor or contributor. You want to trust your project to a talented person with the ability to deliver. Gauge the person’s stature.

  • Do they sound cool, confident and excited about the subject?
  • Are they able to clearly convey their ideas or views?
  • Do you notice any communication problems or speech impediments?
  • Do they exude a strong personality, with no irritating mannerisms, and strong public speaking skills?
  • Are they confident in front of the camera?
  • Will he/she create a good impression on screen?
  • Does their posture, diction, poise, dressing sense, and mannerism reflect a good personality?
  • How well does this person receive feedback? Does he/she have the composure and stamina required for multiple retakes?

Testing Their Skills

Once you have shortlisted the contributors, it’s time to take the test drive with them. Send the actors clear instructions for dress and accessories to prepare them for the recording session. Prepare interview questions related to the theme of the story. Send the actors the same portion of the script in advance of the audition. If they’re going to be reading off of a teleprompter, set it up and record their audition. Just make sure that they know beforehand that they will be filmed.

The phrase ‘the camera loves you’ comes into play here. There’s only one way to find out how a person will look before you see them on a monitor. So take the extra step and record them to see how they’ll appear in your video.

Dressing Tips for Women Actors

Choose a solid color blouse, shirt, and jacket, without weaves, stripes, or patterns. Green, blue, gray, or brown are cool and ideal shades for a video. You don’t want to distract attention with darker shades of red or orange. Avoid wearing white or black as these reflect differently in the camera. Choose simple yet tasteful accessories for hair, which should be neatly styled. Don’t go overboard with makeup – light makeup matching your skin tone will enhance your looks and reflect well in the camera.

Dressing Tips for Men Contributors

A solid color shirt with collar and suit coat looks professional in every way. It is best to avoid any attire with stripes, bold patterns, or weaves. Avoid colors that distract the viewers attention, including orange, reds, whites or blacks. Make sure your facial hair is neatly trimmed and hair neatly styled.


We regularly screen for talent and hope these tips on how to select talent were useful. If you need assistance in this area, feel free to contact Video One Productions at (773) 252-3352 or

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