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Improve Your Business By Watching YouTube

We love Mashable. They are one of the best sources for any web and tech related news. They have excellent guides to mastering social media, and some of their writers are rather attractive.

But we don’t like it when Mashable makes a list of sites or services and expects us to sift through them all. For instance, today Mashable posted 5 YouTube Channels for Small Biz Advice. Each channel has numerous videos, and each video production company is tailored to different audiences and businesses.

So, instead of making you go through each channel and decide which videos are most insightful, we’ve done all the sifting for you. Below are Mashable’s 5 YouTube channels, accompanied by details that will help you choose the one that would be most helpful for your business.

Google Business

  • The Google Business videos are by far the most entertaining of the bunch.
  • Most of them are short, usually only a few minutes long (although some can go up to an hour).
  • The videos focus entirely on Google products (many of which are cheap if not free). This is helpful if your video production company uses them or wants to.

Fast Forward

  • Google and The Wharton School of Business put out this series to focus specifically on Internet marketing.
  • It is the most detailed YouTube channel that features not only videos, but also links to free tools and a consumer confidence meter that analyzes search trends to determine market attitude.
  • It even has a survey for professionals to submit their experiences and feelings about Internet marketing.
  • Most of the videos are just interviews with professionals who explain their thoughts and experiences with Internet marketing.

US Small Business Administration

  • This channel focuses on government tools and services that help small businesses.
  • Features mostly short videos with multiple interviews from various experts in the?government?and the private sector. However, some of the videos can be up to an hour long.
  • It features profiles on different groups and people, but some of these profiles seem pretty pointless and offer little real-world advice.


  • These videos are entirely home made and suffer from a shaky camera.
  • Each video is an interview with someone (sometimes with a few people) from a company. These interviews range from 6 to 30 minutes.
  • They showcase new products, services, and start-ups, but?unfortunately?don’t have that many product demos.
  • The channel focuses more on what professionals are doing, rather than what viewers can be learning. It’s a good destination for inspiration, but not for advice.

Harvard Business Publishing

  • This is the most popular channel, with nearly 18,000 subscribers.
  • Each video is just a one-on-one interview with a professional or a Harvard professor.
  • These videos are generally informative because the interviewee is intelligent or credible. Even so, these videos are so, so boring. They look like a late-night infomercial disguised as a news show, and are about as dry as a Harvard lecture would be.

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