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Leveraging YouTube Audiences to Promote Your Own Channel

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Are You Looking To Produce Viral Videos?

If you have any hopes of having a YouTube video that reaches viral status, it needs to become the talk of the social town. That means having people share, comment, Tweet, email it, the whole nine yards. And there are various things you can do to encourage the likelihood of having something reach the viral sphere. ReelSEO has the rundown on leveraging YouTube audiences for your channel.

leveraging youtube audiences

A prevalent theme of the YouTube Creator Playbook touches on is the social aspect of the site.  It says that you need to encourage people to like, favorite, and comment on your videos and to share them.  There’s a reason why certain videos are called “viral.” It’s the ability of that video to spread like a certain infectious agent. Everyone who comes in contact with it will share it with others.

But perhaps you’re not reaching all of the circles that you could reach. Even those that watch similarly-themed videos on YouTube may not know about your channel.  That’s where cross-promotion and collaboration comes in.  This is finding the creators of another channel that are relevant to your own audience, and either creating videos with them. You can also  promote their videos on your own channel in return for a similar promotion on their channel.

Here’s the playbook overview:

Strategy: Work with and cross-promote other creators and channels

Why It Works: Cross-promotion and collaboration can be one of the leading drivers of traffic to your channel.  Working with other channels helps find and attract new audiences.  YouTube is social; be a part of the community.

How To Do It: Build your own channel’s appeal.  Find and reach out to relevant channels with similar channels to plan smart and creative methods of cross-promotion.

Leveraging YouTube Audiences of Other Channels: An Advanced Stage of Your YouTube Experience

At this point, your channel has picked up some respectable views and subscribers, something that is known to a pretty wide audience.  Your channel has to have the kind of following that would be attractive to the creators of another popular channel. Preferably, audience that would be beneficial for them to attract.  If you’ve got a few hundred subscribers and you’re trying to get a cross-promotion or collaboration with say, Freddiew, you’re not likely to get a “yes” for that kind of partnership.

Here is a fantastic collaboration between three channels that happened just a few weeks ago between Epic Meal Time, Freddiew, and CorridorDigital.  Freddiew and Epic Meal Time have millions of subscribers, while CorridorDigital has several hundred thousand:

You might not think a special effects show like Freddiew and a hyper-ridiculous food show like Epic Meal Time blend well, but they do.  They both deal in the broad spectrum of exaggerated comedy. And as you can see from the videos above, the “marriage” of their styles go well together.

The hope in all this is not only to see a spike in views for your next video production, but to get extra subscribers and have a new audience that sticks with you after the collaboration.

Visit ReelSEO for the whole case study and to learn more about leveraging YouTube audiences for your channel.

Need more ideas on how to make your YouTube channel stand out? Check out our blog about YouTube branding here.

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