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A Manufacturing Video Can Help in Many Ways

Facts About Video

First a few facts about your manufacturing video or any video for that matter —

Forrester Research notes that up to 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if they see a marketing or explainer video first.

Click-through rates increased by about 10% by just including the word “video” in an email subject line.

Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read an email.

This means that your marketing and sales, training, employee recruitment, and orientation efforts will be greatly enhanced if you use video. Here are some ways to use video for your company:

A Manufacturing Video is a Great Sales and Marketing Tool

Brochures, flyers and other forms of print pale in comparison to the power of video to support your sales and marketing efforts. These days, people are far more likely to watch a 2-3 minute video than read a brochure.

Whether stand alone or used by your sales force, videos can be tailor-made to meet the needs and interests of your target audience. They can be modular so that some sections will pertain to every audience, while other portions of the video can be specific to distributors, direct customers, or anyone else. Video is flexible enough to target different features, deals, products, and other specific elements that you want to highlight for specific audiences.

Please note. If you get any type of video professionally produced, make sure a sales and marketing video. Why? Because your target audience’s opinion about the quality of your video will be generalized to your company. In other words, great video, great company. Bad video, well you know the rest!

Video Helps Improve Your Production Processes

Video allows you to capture and document the production process at your facility. We can use multiple cameras to record the entire production process and allow you and your colleagues to improve upon the processes you’re currently using.

We can simultaneously film with several cameras and place all of the camera views on one screen so that you can view different aspects of the process as they occur in real time.

Your internal Six Sigma, LEAN, or Kaizen teams may be able to spot opportunities by watching videos of each process in sequence and develop new efficiencies in the manufacturing process.

Retain the Knowledge of Your Experts Through Video

With baby boomers retiring and institutional knowledge and expertise walking out the door, it will serve you well to film these knowledge-filled employees as they share their expertise regarding processes, repairs, safety, quirks of specific machines, and other important information that only they know. A video interview and demonstration of these employees is an indispensable way to retain legacy knowledge and eliminate the need for new employees to reinvent the wheel. You can develop a library of information that will enhance productivity, save hours of unnecessary pay, and possibly prevent accidents at your facility.

Enhance Safety, Compliance, and Skills Training

Whether it’s a new employee orientation, safety training, skills training, or any other employee need-to-know information transfer, video can play an indispensable role. Since video is repeatable, never has a bad day, doesn’t mind repeating itself, and can be seen on demand, it’s the perfect way to make sure that your employees absorb vital information. Any in-person training or HR function is best served by having a video to back up and reinforce the message or information.

If an employee’s mind wanders or they don’t hear the information correctly the first time, they may not ask the presenter to repeat themselves for a myriad of reasons. Video allows for repeat viewing and never misses conveying the information you want them to know.

Video For Internal and External Communication

If your company has an important event, announcement, or update, video is a perfect way to document and share company events and information with your employees. Whether you’re sharing expertise, best practices, new initiatives, benefits, or anything else, video gives those who were not able to attend or who might want a second look and listen with the opportunity to ‘attend’ via video, the next best thing to being there!

You can create a video-on-demand ‘library of knowledge’ to enable all employees, new, old, or those yet to come on board to be privy to important company information. This library can contribute to building a shared corporate culture, identity, and understanding of your company’s mission and values.

If you would like us to produce your manufacturing video for your company, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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