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Medical Video Production Company - Since 1987

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Whether you need a video for staff training, patient education, documentation for your clinical studies, marketing, or other purposes, Video One Productions can help!


We’re the 30-year-old company that has helped pharma, biotechs, and the medical community in a wide variety of ways.


We have worked with Avexis, Novartis, Pacira, Revance, Levo, Strongbridge, and other pharma in many capacities. We lease camera equipment to document patient’s progress in clinical trials, train site personnel, provide quality control, lease SFTP sites, and produce a variety of videos used for the following purposes:

  • Clinical Trial

  • Equipment Leasing

  • SFTP Leasing & Maintenance

  • Quality Control & Feedback

  • Marketing Video

  • Medical Presentations

  • Patient Educations

  • Live Video Streaming

  • Interviews

  • Testimonials

Medical Marketing Videos

Medical video marketing is essential to effectively communicate your message to investors, the media, employees, and others. Marketing videos provide a concise and easily understood vision of your goals and encourage all interested audiences to get on the same page.

We provide all of the services required to produce an entertaining, informative, and motivating production, including scripting, production, and editing.

Interviews and Testimonials

Interviews and testimonials from patients, doctors, administrators, and others are an effective way to highlight your message and communicate the work you are doing.


Video interviews and testimonials used on your website and social media provide a more personal approach to help people understand your mission.


We use cutaway footage, 4K cameras, and other equipment and techniques to make these videos as engaging as possible.

Medical Video Presentations

Video presentations are an effective way to inform and communicate news, innovations, and progress. Whether or not they have attended your  conference, interested parties enjoy having the option to watch presentations on-demand.


When presentations are recorded and edited to video, we have an opportunity to show the presenters’ slides full screen, add text, graphics, and branding, plus a variety of enhancements to further engage the viewer.

Medical Training Video Production

Uniformity of proper processes and procedures is vital to saving lives, providing continuity of care, obtaining FDA approval, and otherwise enhancing consistency at your company or research site.


Medical training videos allow for an agreed-upon, standardized, and consistent approach to explain how things should be done. They also provide an opportunity for repeated viewing to assure that concepts and procedures are understood and followed. Since video never has a bad day, you can be assured that your viewers will receive the consistent training that you intend.

Patient Education Video Production

Educational videos are extremely useful to capture and retain legacy knowledge for physicians, researchers, and patients. Educational videos show proper procedures and practices that others can learn from and emulate.


You may wish to produce a series of educational videos for new doctors, staff, and others providing services under the auspices of your company.

Clinical Trial Video Equipment Leasing and Production

If your company is engaged in research for a new drug or therapy, proper documentation of your subject’s progress is vital for FDA and other agencies’ approval.


We lease video equipment for your research and clinical sites to document the progress of your patients and subjects. 


We also provide training and quality control to assure the proper use and positioning of the cameras, and uniformity among all research and clinical sites.


Here are some of the companies we've provided medical video services for:

Video One is experienced and expert in all aspects of medical media production.

Contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.

  • Tim McGee, Head of Sourcing at Avexis:

    “Based on our experience with Video One and having had the pleasure of working with Irwin, I would recommend both Irwin, Video One, and their services to any company looking to fulfill their photography and videography requirements.” More…

    Robert McSwain, Sr. Curriculum Developer & Technologist at Hyster-Yale Group:

    “My company hired Video One and Irwin and his team hit it out of the park for us. We were working on a short deadline and needed video production work in Chicago and I was unable to get my crew there on the time frame I was given. Video One tackled the project head one and communicated thoroughly with me throughout the process and got the job done.” More…

    Tim Donovan, Corporate Communications, at Fundbox:

    “I had a wonderful experience working with Irwin and Ryan from Video One. We hired Video One to produce a corporate case study video of one of our clients. The shoot was effortless and the team did a great job on editing. We will totally be working with Video One again. We highly recommend them! More…