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Personal video-fitness training

ReelSEO interviewed Mandy Swift of, a self-dubbed “online marketing personal trainer” about the benefits of developing a fitness plan for one’s online marketing and social video activities that helps build business success, professional growth, and overall personal health and well-being for Chicago production companies.

Mandy is a veteran professional fitness trainer (now part-time) out of the UK, who infused her experience and passion for physical fitness into her personal marketing brand. Why the fitness theme? “Because Fit Businesses Perform Better,” is her own video production site’s tag-line, which I think sums it up tidily.

Mandy’s videos, many of which you can find on her YouTube channel at MandySwiftOnline, are self-made and often consist of just a quick shoot at her own gym. Now I do realize some of our more established video production professionals would comment on a few of the technical qualities, but I would say that they’re missing the point of doing “social video;” and they can certainly learn a few things themselves with Mandy’s very natural presentation style.

How do you think the social aspect plays in to your “fitness training” online? Especially, with online video?

We are ‘social creatures’ by nature. Not many of us were born to be hermits living in a cave. We crave relationships. You cannot have a relationship with a business or a logo. To be able to truly ‘get to know you,’ I need to be able to look you in the eyes (or at least have you feel like I’m looking right at you and talking to you.)That is the power of online video, to create that social experience.

You have a fairly casual approach with your own online videos. Would you recommend that Chicagoproduction companies approach to most of your audience?

Just as teams like to go to the bar together after the game and celebrate, it is ok to ‘let your hair down’ with your online marketing. In fact that is where the magic happens. It is in that moment of ‘social’ that teams gel and the real relationships are made.

What types of questions does your audience and customers tend to ask you about doing video?

The first thing everyone wants to know is how to make a video production without being nervous! Now of course people want Chicago production companies answers to the ‘techie’ side of things – how to edit a video, where to host, how to get your video on the first page of Google. But I’ve personally found that people, who want to do video, or realize how important it is for them to do it, are mostly worried about these things:

  1. How to get over the fear of getting started
  2. How to come across as ‘natural’
  3. How to ‘look good’ on camera, and
  4. How to come up with ideas and know what to say.
  5. How they can do it without it being very expensive

That last concern is a big misconception a lot of Chicago production companies have – that doing video as part of your online marketing strategy is that it is somehow going to be very expensive – not true!

Check out ReelSEO for the full story.

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