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Preparing for a Chicago Video Production: Tip #7 Production Checklist (2)

Tip #7: Chicago Video Production Checklist

production checklistWith so many factors going into your Chicago video production, many things can be overlooked. Below are a couple more suggestions about things to think about when going over your production checklist and preparing for a video production.

Are there any music overlays for the video?

A music background is a definite plus for most videos because it sets the tone for your production. The music can be toned up, down or out at appropriate times. Just make sure its appropriate for your audience and not just what you like.

How many locations do you envision shooting this at? Will you need a studio?

Time is money. The more locations, the more setups. More locations often make for a more interesting video, but it takes time to set up the camera, lights, background, etc. for each one. Once you know what equipment you’ll need based on location, make sure it’s also included in your production checklist.

Will you want testimonials?

If so, how many? Will they come to one location or will we need to go to theirs? Video testimonials are a great way to convey trust. If a client is willing to take the time and effort to go on camera for you, they must really like what you are offering. Again, since time is money, will your testimonial subjects all come to your location or a single one? Or will we need to go to each of their locations? If they come to yours, perhaps they can be filmed with different perspectives and backgrounds so that it appears as though they’re at the office. The number of locations and setups will determine the number of shooting days it takes for your production.

Are there graphics requirements?

Still graphics, motion, or both? Custom motion graphics are time consuming. But they sure look good.

Do you have a proposed budget for this project? Sometimes a client will propose a budget and we just need to tell them what can be done within those numbers. So instead of going from a zero-based budgeting approach—where we identify the amount of preproduction time, shoot days and editing time—we work the other way and see if we can do what they want within the price they propose.

When are you planning to begin the project? Timelines are good. You don’t want to wait for us and we don’t want to wait for you. If you want a video, we go under the assumption that you need it done fairly quickly and don’t want things to linger. And you are right to believe that we will turn your video around in the time we agree to. Make sure that the production company identifies a timeline on the proposal or the final agreement.

When do you need the production completed by? If you have a timeline, tell us. We’ll make sure that we meet your expectations or not take the project in the first place. But make sure that you tell us when you need your video by and if we take the project on, we’ll meet your deadline or have it done sooner. These question get the conversation started and gives everyone a good idea of the production value of the video, expectations and of course the budget. So if you plan to call us for a production quote, or even if you don’t, now you have a head start towards thinking about your video.

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