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Preparing for a Video Production Tip #8: Equipment

video production equipment

What equipment do I need for the production?

Some of the pieces of equipment that you might want to use for your video include a teleprompter, jib, dolly, backdrops, steadycam, etc. Lets go over a few:


No matter how glib someone might be in an off the cuff discussion or even while doing a presentation, when someone is facing the camera, they can often become tongue-tied. That’s where the teleprompter enters the picture. The talent can have their entire presentation on the teleprompter screen or just an outline that keeps them on track. Since the camera is shooting through the teleprompter screen, the viewer of the video will never know that the talent is using a teleprompter unless they sound and look like they’re reading the script.


A jib or jib arm is a piece of equipment that extends the reach of the camera. The arm can extend 5, 10 or 15 feet. It can be used for elevated shots, sweeping shots and other type of maneuvers the operator wouldn’t be able to do without a crane or other very expensive piece of equipment. Here’s an example of the use of a jib:


This piece of equipment is used to create more movement in the shot. The camera operator sits or stands on the dolly while another person pushes the dolly along a track. It can be used to circle or move towards a subject, glide across the set, or to create another type of movement without using the camera to zoom, tilt or pan.


As the name implies, a steadycam keeps the camera steady. This piece of equipment is attached to the camera and operated by the videographer. This is very useful when the operator has to move around, walk, run or is otherwise moving around while trying to keep the camera steady.


A backdrop is often used behind a person being interviewed. It’s an attractive, yet non-distracting piece of material that’s suspended behind a ‘talking head’ or someone who is being interviewed. Backdrops are often used when shooting in an unattractive or nondescript environment. It can also be more cost efficient than preparing a background for the subject.

There are other pieces of extra equipment that you might want to use in your production, but a professional video production company should be able to bring these to your attention when you discuss your project.

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