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Preparing for a Video Production Tip #3: Special Effects

Do I need motion graphics or special effects for my video?

First, let’s define motion graphics. Motion graphics are animated videos that make use of illustrations, photos, and other images. They provide clarity, entertain and otherwise help the communication process in a video. Here’s an example of an entirely motion graphics video:

So let’s figure out which productions need motion graphics.

Event Video

If you’re producing an events video, all you’ll probably need is an animated logo to open and close the video. Otherwise, if you want to place text on the screen to emphasize a point, a simple animated text build is a good option. Maybe have the text enter the screen with a special effect, but other than that, you probably can skip the fancy stuff.

Training Video

If you’re producing a training video, you may want to use motion graphics to retain interest, emphasize a point, or illustrate a complex process. Sometimes an animation is necessary for these because training videos tend to be longer than a marketing video. And they typically don’t have the entertaining presenter often found in a seminar or presentation video.

Seeing is understanding. If you’re trying to communicate the inner workings of how a complex machine tool operates, an attractive animation will retain their attention. It will also communicate the process like nothing else can.

Marketing Video

A marketing video can go either way. You just want to make sure that special effects help illustrate your point instead of get in the way of it. It should be succinct, with quick edits, interesting shooting perspectives and other entertaining aspects. Similar to the events video, if you want to use special effects in for text or graphics, certainly use some form of motion to give them some energy. However, these can be kept simple if you have a lot of other action happening in your video.

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