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Presentation Video for MESA

Presentation Video and Introduction for MESA

MESA, an Italian corporation contacted Video One to produce a presentation video and an introduction to their organization while they were in Chicago recently. We were able to accommodate them by providing a half day of video production services and a few hours of editing.

MESA Presentation Video

MESA Presentation Video

We filmed their speaker, Dr, Mabellini, who was discussing the products his company offers. They’re a producer and distributor of special alloys throughout the world. We filmed Dr. Mabellini giving his talk to an audience for Lab Day, 2018. We filmed the Doctor as he was showing PowerPoint slides to potential clients. We placed a wireless mic on him and successfully captured the event.

MESA Presentation Video

MESA Presentation Video

Editing the Presentation Video and Introduction

We took the footage back to our office and edited the introduction, titles, lower thirds, and branding into the video, and sent it to them via They were able to download the edited video in Italy a few days later. Even though this was a fairly simple shoot and edit, there are always potential concerns.

For instance, when there’s a PowerPoint presentation and a speaker, the question of lighting arises. If the lights are low, the audience sees the slides very well, but not the speaker. If the lights are bright enough to see the speaker, then the slides can be faded, due to excess light. Do we light for the audience or for the video? That is the question.

It’s great when we can light the speaker and edit in the slides later. However, they didn’t want to go that route. So we stuck to plan ‘A’ and kept the lights reasonably high, but not enough to dull the slides. The lumenence of the projector is also a factor. If it’s a great projector, it can still show slides fairly vividly as they are projected on a screen.

Fortunately, our clients were very pleased with the results.

If you would like to also have great results from our filming your presentation or any other video, feel free to contact us for a proposal.




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