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Presentation Video Production and Edit

Productivity Expert Presentation

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Presentation Video Production at Summit Executive Center

Video One was asked by the Summit Executive Center to provide presentation video production services for them. Chris Bailey, author, motivational speaker and consultant gave quite a compelling talk. He discussed ways to be more productive at work and in life in general. His book, “The Productivity Project” goes into more detail, but he did generously share several aspects of his book with his audience.

There was only one problem with his presentation video. Can you guess what it is? It was the large mic and the dangling cord that hung from outside of his shirt. Not good It distracts viewer interest from his presentation and looks sloppy. It’s possible that since he didn’t see the shot from the audience’s perspective that he didn’t think he needed to keep the cord in his shirt. Unfortunately, the venue mic’d him, and when we suggested his putting the cord under his shirt, he preferred not to do it.

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Graphic from the Productivity Video

Audio Issue for the Video Presentation

Though the video consisted of just him speaking in front of a screen with a PowerPoint presentation projected behind him, it’s possible to produce a good video with so few elements. The fact that he was a compelling speaker certainly helped. He was positioned to the side of the slide show. Therefore, the audience was able to clearly see the slides. I think the video would have looked better if we were allowed to edit in the PowerPoint slides. However, the budget wasn’t there to enable us to edit in the slides into his video presentation.

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Conclusion of the Productivity Presentation

We could have added titles, branding, music, animated text, graphics, and other elements to this video. Then again, it’s possible that the video did meet his needs.

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