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Producing ethical videos for your business

A Chicago videographer has the potential for wide reach and influence. It’s this quality that makes it so appealing to businesses and filmmakers. But with great power comes great responsibility, and if video production is used inappropriately, it can have adverse effects for everyone involved.

The time is now to counter the troubling proliferation of socially irresponsible video online, and that starts with each of us. That’s why I’ve put together what I believe is the first-ever, “Pledge for Online Video Responsibility,” which I hope can help both online video professionals and enthusiasts be more mindful and considerate of others.


Our central mission is to create an environment in the online video space built on mutual respect and trust. We believe that anyone who participates with online video – be they a professional Chicago videographer or enthusiast, a creator or contributor, a service provider or user, a publisher or marketer, analyst or blogger, evangelist or critic, entertainer or newscaster – carries a obligation to be mindful of others and behave in an ethically responsible manner. We realize that doing so is essential to providing healthy growth for online video production as an industry, and for each of us as part of a larger community.

We also realize that video production provides us with many benefits, some of which we have grown to depend on. That is why we must be committed to keeping online video a prosperous industry; and it starts with each of us making a commitment to learning, practicing, sharing, and leading with responsible Chicago videographer activities.

For these reasons and others, I solemnly pledge to do no harm to others through my online videos and to act in an ethical manner with any and all online video activities, be they of a personal or professional nature.

I Pledge To Do The Following:

  • I will fully respect others right to privacy
  • I will not video record a private individual without that person’s permission.
  • I will not edit or remix a video meant for online consumption that involves individuals who are not public figures, or not in a situation that a reasonable person would deem to be “news-worthy,” without each of those individuals’ expressed consent (including wavering their privacy rights).
  • I will not share nor distribute a video created by anyone else that is marked “private;” and is not already on a public website, or any publicly accessible location on the Internet.

I will respect others’ reputation

  • I will not set out to portray anyone in a situation that would appear to a reasonable audience as being highly inappropriate or offensive.
  • I will not portray anyone in a false light, nor set out to harm anyone’s reputation or character.

I will be transparent

  • I will reveal my true identity (my actual full name) in any video I publish and in any comments around any video that I may post (either publicly or privately).
  • I will provide my audience with a legitimate means of contacting me for any video I post to a public site, and for any online comments to a video or video-sharing site.
  • I will be honest with others about my true intentions with shooting and publishing video that involves either private or public individuals, or groups.
  • I will inform the affected parties when I am being paid by an advertiser or other sponsor.
  • I will show a respect the truth and the facts
  • I will respect the authenticity of the video images and the message.
  • If a video is meant to be a parody or a satire, I will clearly state in plain view of my intended audience that it should be treated as such.
  • I will not identify my video with false headlines, thumbnails, keywords, or other copy as a means of misleading my audience as to the actual content and purpose of the video.
  • Differences of opinion with others in my video will be dealt with by clearly differentiating between what is my opinion and the provable facts.
  • In all matters pertaining to video recording public and private individuals, I will maintain my objectivity and integrity at all times.

To read the entire pledge, visit ReelSEO.

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