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Marketing Video Production for Celsi

UK Marketing Video Production

promotional video production

Screen Shot from Celsi Fireplace Video

We were contacted by Celsi, a UK manufacturer of wall mounted fireplaces to produce a marketing video production and a training video for them. Celsi is an established fireplace manufacturer in the UK and was interested in creating a presence in the United States.

Promotional video production

Fireplace for the Kitchen

Filming a Commercial and Training Video Production

We produced the commercial and a training video to instruct owners on how to set it up once they purchased it. First we rented a home in the Chicago suburbs to do the filming, hired two actors, designed the sets, and organized our crew to film.  Then we edited the training video and marketing commercial for them.

Elements of the Video Production

We hired a set designer to stage the house to make it look extra cozy. The wall hanging fireplaces in the kitchen, bedroom and living room were installed by electricians and carpenters. Once installation and set design was completed, the location looked like a warm and inviting home.

promotional video production

Production shot in the Bedroom

The actors had no speaking roles and only had to look like a happy couple in various scenarios at their home. Production took a day and editing for the two videos took two days. The costs included the home rental, the fireplace installers, the set desig

ner, the video production crew and our editor.

If you would like us to produce a training video or marketing video production for you, please feel free to contact us.


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