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Social video advertising

There are two distinct ways to measure the success of your video editing advertisement. One is the number of conversions it generates (products/services sold, etc). In the digital age, a video’s success can also be measured by the number of times it is shared online.

One of the unique advantages of using online video editing to advertise a product is the culture of sharing on the internet. People typically share n0n-commercial viral videos, but a stand-out branded video can be a viral hit too.

Today on ReelSEO, Grant Crowell put together a piece about the in-and-out of social video production advertising, and the principles your business must know to make the most of it.

“Social video production advertising is an opportunity for video advertisers to engage with audiences in a new and social way,” says Dan Greenberg, CEO of the social video marketing company and ad distribution platform, Sharethrough. “You can think of social video advertising as paid media optimization, which done successfully will go viral and become ‘organic’ with earned (free) attention… It’s about thinking how to have paid media drive earned media; how you get consumers to actually embrace your video content as part of their social lives, and share it with others.”

Social Video Advertising is Ultimately about Sharing

Sharing Emotions – “Sharing feelings is a basic human need,” says Schreiber. “If your video editing captures an emotion that resonates with its audience, users will share it, because they are not just sharing your content — they are sharing the feeling your video has created. This is one of amazing things about social media for brands – sharing allows brand content to become a vehicle for human connection.”

Sharing Identity and Self Expression – “When you share something, you’re saying, ‘This is who I am,’” he continues. “From the books we read and the movies we recommend, to the bands on our Facebook profiles, the content we share online increasingly defines our personality to our friends. For brand videos to trigger sharing the message needs to be clear and it needs to be something people will want to align themselves with, whether it’s a reflection of their humor, fashion sense, tech-savvy or popularity. If people don’t want their friends associating a video with their identity, they won’t share it.”

Sharing Information – According to Schreiber, “People are hard-wired to teach and learn. Online video editing is one of the most creative and effective ways to share information; and videos that include genuinely new and interesting information get shared.”

Sharing Reciprocity – This one is actually my own addition. I’ve found from my own experience when someone is actually willing to create and/or share a video production, there may come an expectation for their efforts to be rewarded or reciprocated in some fashion. Starting a conversation with video, or participating in one with a video, is expected to highlight one’s own extra effort over a text entry, and may either come with an increased likelihood of receiving a response or some other form of communication or reward.

Video by its very nature is “social.” It brings up strong emotions, it gives others a feel for one’s identity and expressiveness, and many of us learn better when video is incorporated. When we engage with a video, we feel more inclined to share in return. By understanding the Internet culture of sharing, and the impact video can have, we find ourselves in a much better position to know what type of video to create and how to market it.

Visit ReelSEO to read more. To find out how we can help with your next video production or video editing project, call or email us today!

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