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The burden of branded web videos

Looking back, a number of our Video Professional Awards have been given to food-related brands. Quiznos, Dentyne, and Hell Pizza to name a few. Notice that none of these brands are relatively small players in their industry. That’s not say they are insignificant or small businesses, but they’re no McDonald’s.

Perhaps the popularity of video production Chicago among these brands in fact has something to do with their size. Because these brands a bit smaller, they have more freedom with their image. As such, they can do things that other brands might consider controversial. We may never see McDonald’s embrace fatness the way Quiznos did with their Human Sandwich commercial, and that’s probably the way Quiznos wants it. By being edgy and different, smaller brands might earn media attention and that coveted Crisp Internet Money.

On the other hand, sometimes this edginess can receive negative media attention. A lot of people didn’t appreciate the depiction of women in the Human Sandwich ad, and it has been taken down from YouTube. But will Del Taco incur the same fate with the latest episode of their Super Special Show? Every woman in the video looks like a model and a few of those taco jokes are quite racy.

Sure there are a number of challenges with making a successful online video production Chicago. How to integrate the brand and content. How to monetize it. How to measure success. But many of these challenges are also faced by commercial producers. Is online video anything more than an Internet-exclusive commercial?

If anything, online videos are more than just typical commercials. By being published straight to the Internet, these brands are also giving viewers the chance to immediately discuss them. This creates both brand awareness and a conversation. And unlike television, there’s no limit to the amount of content brands can put online. That Del Taco video is six minutes long. And it’s the sixth episode of the series. That kind of television exposure would cost a fortune.

Ikea has a web series called Easy to Assemble that is now in its second season. It features a lot of established actors, including Illeana Douglas, Tim Meadows, Tom Arnold, and Jeff Goldbum. People who watch it might notice that most episodes have practically nothing to do with Ikea. But what these videos offer that a lot of commercials don’t is genuine entertainment. As such, Ikea is no longer a cheap, Swedish furniture store, it’s also the source of funny Internet videos. Their futons might be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t seem like Ikea is going out of business any time soon. That kind of brand awareness is so hard to do that any company who achieves it should revel in it.

So what is your company doing for to reach the public eye? What are you afraid of more, being edgy or going bankrupt? I don’t remember any great online videos being produced by Blockbuster, and look where they are now.

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