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Tips for optimizing your YouTube Channel page

When you have a YouTube account with multiple videos uploaded, the videos are contained on a page called a YouTube Channel. When arranged carefully, the channel page can effectively engage viewers, attract new subscribers, and present your content professionally. Below is an overview for making the most of your YouTube video editing channel from ReelSEO.

Strategy: Optimize and design your video production channel’s metadata, layout, and background.

Why It Works: A well designed, organized, and search optimized channel page will keep viewers on your channel, attract more subscribers, and create a professional look to your content

How to Do It: Design a custom background.  Optimize channel metadata.  Utilize channel page features.  Organize and arrange your content to meet the needs of your audience.

First, channel creators should consider the layout and design of their channel page. The color scheme, content arrangement, and content info can deter or attract potential viewers. Creators should be mindful of their channel’s appearance and descriptions, and consider what choices to make to make the channel most appealing to current and potential audiences. Likewise, channel creators should be aware of the page’s metadata for SEO purposes. Having clear, specific, keyword rich titles and descriptions will make the channel much easier to process for search engines. After that, just keep filling the channel with more content.

Below are some additional tips from ReelSEO.


  • Create a custom, visually compelling skin for the channel page.
  • Feature the personalities.  Make the audience feel like they are connecting with a person or character from your video production show and not just the brand or logo when they come to the channel.
  • Make use of the “Banner Image” feature at the top of the page.  Determine what links are important to display here and design this area to gain the most clicks (e.g., playlists, subscribe, Facebook, Twitter.)  Links on this banner page can link off-site to promote any initiative.
  • Utilize the 300 x 250 branding box located on the lower left side column.


  • Properly tag your channel page with keywords and SEO formatting. (Under “Channel Settings.”)
  • Use keywords and SEO practices to optimize the channel for search when writing the channel description, profile, and other channel information.

Navigation and Modules

  • Feature the right video editing content and organize it in the best way for your particular audience.  Set featured video and arrange uploads to be most engaging and relevant to your viewers.
  • Determine the best presentation of your content on the channel (Uploads and Playlists).  Feature playlists when your audience may be coming for distinct sets of content.
  • Enable the “Other Channels” module to promote your other content or related channels.  This module is a great feature to create cross-promotion amongst channels.  Tip: channels listed here are also listed as suggested channels when a user subscribes to your channel.

To read more about optimizing your channel page, visit ReelSEO.

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