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YouTube is the unsurpassed market leader in video distribution. Undoubtedly, it is the most prolific video site to distribute your visual content; however, there are many other video distribution channels you can leverage to spread the word about your video and your business. Limiting yourself to just one channel without exploring other alternatives will not do you much good in terms of audience exposure, thus restricting the progress of your online brand building and affecting your promotional efforts. At Video One, we are a leading provider of Chicago video production services, with decades of experience in the production, promotion, and distribution industry.

We have shortlisted the following video distribution networks to help your video content marketing efforts:

Yahoo video

With a simple interface, Yahoo Video is a super easy platform for video sharing. All you need to do is create your profile and upload your visual content, and it will be visible to the Yahoo video community within seconds alongside film trailers, news snippets as well as music videos.


Designed to share video content, the Viddler platform can be used for three levels of video distribution, depending on your “sharing” purpose. You can use the network for sharing personal videos or professional video syndication.


Blip is one of the best channels for video sharing. Using Blip is as easy as creating your video and sharing it on the channel. If you really want to gain massive exposure through videos, give Blip a try for sharing your visual content and also get a revenue share from advertising profits.


One of the best video sharing channels, OneLoad allows you to distribute visual content to niche video sites, cable outlets, content delivery channels, or custom FTP sites. A free video sharing site for non-commercial use, OneLoad allows you to analyze how your video is performing in every channel. The best thing about using OneLoad is that you can easily embed the chart presentations in an email to be shared with others in a professional manner.


With a lively community, Vimeo provides excellent tools for video sharing, allowing you to upload visual content in any format. The best thing about Vimeo is that its upload platform is simple, which makes uploading a breeze.


Another impressive video distribution platform, StartCut comes with an intuitive interface, which is user friendly, and makes uploading your visual content really easy. With StartCut, you can share your videos on 25 different networks, without having to have your own accounts to use their system, thus helping your video sharing and link building efforts to get attention.


When you are looking for video sharing sites, you cannot ignore Hey!Spread. The intuitive video distribution platform helps your video distribution efforts, especially if you plan to share videos on an irregular basis. With Hey!Spread, your video content is syndicated to 10 different video sharing sites.

Leverage the aforementioned video distribution platforms to spread the word about your brand and get maximum exposure. As the leader in Chicago video production services, we believe that a succinct, compelling video has the potential build your business. While YouTube remains the king, other video distribution channels are fast catching up!

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