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Trade Show Video Production at McCormick Place

Trade Show Video Production

Recently, VTS, an international corporation based in Gdansk, Poland, that produces air handling equipment, contacted Video One to provide trade show video production, editing, and photography services for their appearance at McCormick Place, in Chicago.


VTS Tradeshow event

VTS trade show booth at McCormick Place









They hired us to document their activities for several days of video production, photography, and subsequent video editing. We filmed activities in and around their booth, presentations, testimonials from satisfied clients, and other events for them. We also produced a summary video that they were very pleased with.

Communication is Key!

When filming a trade show there can be many moving parts. There are networking activities, presentations, booth activities and a host of other events that could occur. It’s vital that the expectations of the client, logistics, and other matters are spelled out in a detailed proposal. This is especially true with working with international clients, as time differences, this sometimes being their first time in Chicago, language, and other issues can come into play.







Only One Chance to Get an Event Right

Having worked with clients on trade shows for more than 30 years, we’re expert at nailing everything down and getting it right the first time, as in event video, there’s rarely a second chance to get the shot! We need to get the agenda for speakers, demonstrations, rollouts of products, and any events they are planning. We need to be positioned beforehand to make sure that we don’t miss a shot.

For presentations, we need to make sure that we mic the client or tap into the house sound board. If the video sounds good at the trade show, it had better sound good on the video! We cover all of the bases to make sure that everything turns out right.

If you need a Chicago videographer for trade show video production and editing, please feel free to contact us.

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