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Panel Discussion and Presentation Shoot For An Energy Developer

Panel Discussion and Presentation Shoot

panel discussion and presentation shoot

Panel Discussion at a Chicago Location

Video One recently provided a two person, one day panel discussion and presentation shoot and edit. Our client was Invenergy, LLC, a Chicago based, energy development corporation. In preparation for the shoot, our client asked us to provide a test runthrough to make sure that the audio was adequate. We checked the speaker system of the venue to assure that the discussions could be heard by the audience. They also wanted to make sure that we were able to patch into the venue’s audio board.

To make sure that all went well, we brought a sound engineer to sit in the control room to monitor the audio. All went well. Our client was very pleased with the panel discussion, presentation shoot and subsequent edit. But you never know when the ‘audio gremlins’ will strike. Including our sound engineer on site allowed us to be prepared for just about any audio eventuality.


panel discussion and presentation shoot and edit

Our Videographer Filming a Panel Discussion

Having our audio technician on site allowed our videographer to focus on filming the panel discussion and presentation. Otherwise, he could have¬†been distracted by a possible audio issue that might have arisen. Sometimes a client will ask if our videographer will perform a variety of roles. We’re happy to be flexible and save our clients money, but sometimes it’s best to play it safe and have extra personnel on site. This is especially true if it’s an important event or when there’s any complexity involved in the filming. Our client was very pleased with the results.

If you would like to use our services for your next production, feel free to contact us for a proposal.

This is one of the edited panel discussions we filmed and edited:

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