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Maximize Your Success at Trade Shows

trade showsUsing Video as Introduction to Your Product

Part of any trade show coverage is introducing new products. Before you have your big unveiling, it’s a good idea to show a corporate video production as a kind of introduction. You can hype up the audience with suspenseful music, and general video excitement. Think of it as a movie trailer, but for your trade show coverage. If you don’t have a new product, you could make an established product new with a makeover, which a great video can do with ease. Remind people what put you on the map, and remember—at a trade show you’ll be meeting people who have never heard of your brand. Have the video playing on a loop in your booth, or have iPads available to show passersby. This is a fun, brief way to introduce your brand to potential new clients!

How to Target Your Potential Customers

Trade shows are all about the sell, but you want to make sure you’re selling expediently. Here’s a trade show tip for business owners: of course you’ll want to greet everyone who walks by your booth, but the fact of the matter is that not everyone is in the market for your product or service.

If someone stops to chat, ask them some leading questions. Are you in the market for (your product)? Ask if they have a problem your business can solve, and if they use any of your competitors. Open up a dialogue with this potential customer. Show them your corporate video production, if applicable. If their needs don’t fit your business, politely thank them and move on to the next. Building up to your sales pitch allows you to increase your trade show coverage through increased targeting.

Giveawaystrade shows

Everybody loves giveaways at trade shows, but for some of us, stress balls cause more stress than they alleviate. Look in to being able to optimize your trade show giveaways. Giving booth visitors something they can take away with your logo and contact information is a great boost to your trade coverage, but you should try to make your giveaways stand out. Chicago production companies, for example, could give out a branded disposable camera, which the trade show attendee could have a lot of fun using for the rest of the event. Put some thought into it—as always, think outside the box. People want to see the newest and best at trade shows, so surprising your visitors with awesome giveaway items can really make a great impression while saying a lot about your brand.

After the Trade Show

One of the best trade show tips involves something you’d actually be doing after the show ends. Just because you’re back in the office doesn’t mean your trade show work is finished. Time to follow up! Look through all the business cards you’ve collected and contact all your new potential customers within the first few days back. If you choose to call them or send out an email blast with your corporate video production in it, it’s good to make sure you’re fresh in their memories.

If you think you’ve got a lot to work on after the trade show, imagine the customers! They’ve got brochures, handouts, business cards and giveaways from everyone in the convention center. Maybe they’ll choose the one that calls them back. And don’t think of the follow-up as cold calling. You’ve already established a connection. Think of it as lukewarm calling instead.

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