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6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Training Video

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If you work for a company or run one, chances are at some point there will be some training involved- whether it’s for employees or customers. Training employees (or orienting customers) can take place in a few different forms: paper, video, images, verbal, etc. But research shows that content in a video is absorbed much easier and sticks for much longer than any other form of content communication.

Just think about the last time you learned something using a video. Did you find it easier to follow then flipping through a long manual or just listening to the instructions by someone else?

Here are 6 reasons why your company needs a training video:

1. Repetition

Many of us need to hear and see something more than once in order to get it. I know that sometimes when I’m at a live training, my mind wanders, I get distracted on something completely irrelevant or otherwise don’t get it the first time around. Having the benefit of watching an engaging training video affords me multiple opportunities to get it.

2. Video never has a bad day

Once done, people will see the same video whether it’s being shown at 6:00 am or 9:00 pm, Monday morning or Friday afternoon. Video doesn’t have bad moods, hangovers, or other things that could get in the way of a great training experience. It’s consistent and if produced right, will continue to deliver a consistent message the same way, over and over without leaving anything out. How many times have you seen a presenter suddenly remember something he or she should have said earlier, but simply forgot? Video doesn’t leave anything out once it’s there.

3. Video makes people put their best forward

The presenter who is being filmed for the training video is at his or her best because they know that what they say and do now will be immortalized for as long as the video is used. Therefore, they’ll generally do an extra special job when they’re being filmed. They might be nervous, but we can always do ‘take two’. But nothing sharpens the mind like being in front of a video camera!

4. It’s versatile

A training video can be viewed on DVD at the place of business or online any place or any time. It can be viewed individually online at 4:00 am or by 300 people at a seminar. Delivery methods are varied, thus giving the viewer the opportunity to learn at their own pace, in the location of their choice and time of their choosing.

5. A video allows for things a live presentation can’t offer

For instance, I’ve yet to see a live presentation use motion graphics, onscreen text or special effects used. Yes, a presenter can use a PowerPoint, but it’s not truly integrated with the presenter. The presenter is over here on the stage and the PowerPoint is over there on a screen. This is not very cohesive. However, a video is more integrated and coherent. All of the elements are on one screen and integrated into one presentation. As an aside, I was giving a presentation the other day and had to use a PowerPoint. Everything was preplanned. I tested the PowerPoint and the nested videos and thought everything was ready to go. However, something went wrong and the computer they had me use didn’t play all of the videos. If I had one concise video, it would either play or not play. Plus there are many ways to play a video and we wouldn’t be forced to use one program (PowerPoint) to make or break the presentation.

6. Cost

After you’ve filmed a training, it’s one and done. No more expenses. I think that says it all.


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