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Using metadata to boost video effectiveness

When uploading videographer Chicago posts or videos to the web, users have to consider how title, post tags, and descriptions are going to effect the success of their videos. Unless you are an SEO expert, and hardly anyone is, figuring out the best words to use for each field can be a pain in the neck. But ReelSEO published a nice guide with ideas and insight on how to make the most out of vidoe production content metadata. Highlights from the article are below.

One of the great mysteries among those who don’t work inside Google headquarters is how a search engine decides who the cool kids are on the Internet.  The top few links you get from a search engine are also going to be the ones that are most likely to be clicked, so getting to the top of those results is very important if you do business on the web.  How does the search engine decide the top results you get when you type keywords into a blank search field?  For YouTube video production users, the proper application of metadata in video SEO efforts–descriptive words attached to a video that aid in search–is an absolute must to get noticed.

The words The YouTube Creator Playbook tosses around liberally in the metadata section are “relevant” and “compelling.”  Finding the right mixture of consistency and imagination, two things that don’t always go together, is one of the keys to getting videographer Chicago content found on YouTube.  While the first section of the Playbook focuses on how you can share your video and make it a social exercise in getting it seen, there is another essential element.  So many times a person is told by a friend about a video, and there isn’t a handy link to it.  How can that person find it?  If the friend mentions specific aspects of the video, typing those aspects into YouTube’s search engine should get the desired results.  The way the search engine knows how to put the aspects together and find the most relevant results is through titles, tags, and descriptions.

Here is the Playbook’s overview:

Strategy: Write optimized Titles, Tags, and Descriptions for your content.

Why It Works: Metadata is critical to building videographer Chicago views from search and related videos as it greatly affects the algorithm.

How To Do It: Use optimized keywords and format to improve the algorithm’s indexing of the video.

Metadata Is A Map For Search Engine Optimization

YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine; optimize your video production to take advantage of this fact.  Metadata is the information that surrounds your video: Title, Tags, Description, Thumbnail.  This set of data inform the YouTube algorithm of a video’s content, indexing it for search, features, related videos, and ad-serving.


  • Keywords first
  • Branding at end
  • Compelling


  • Mix of common & specific
  • Ordering
  • Variations and plentiful
  • Use quotes for phrases: “harry potter”


  • Most compelling info first
  • Include keywords, links
  • Show description, helpful information

Keywords and proper formatting are essential to writing metadata that will help your videographer Chicago content appear high in search results.  It is also important to provide useful and accurate information for the viewer so they know what they are watching and bounce rates are minimized.

Metadata As Packaging

Metadata can also be used as packaging or rebranding a video.  Adding in relevant keywords to the title of an archive video can help you repurpose the content for new search trends, or tent-pole events.

Remember it is a violation of YouTube Terms of Service to use misleading metadata on your videos.

Visit ReelSEO for the full story.

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