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Using Your Video Presentations for Marketing Purposes

Using Your Video Presentations for Marketing Purposes


Using video presentations for marketing purposes is a cost-effective way to get good content of your work out to your target audience while at the same time marketing your products or services.

While creating a concise and powerful marketing video is very effective, when you combine valuable content with your marketing message, you have a winner! This approach of ‘paying it forward’ gives your audience an instant payoff and a good feeling about you and your business.

How many times have you watched a Ted Talk or another video on YouTube and wanted to tap into the presenter’s wisdom or see how they could help you more directly? These presentations represent a subtle and practical approach to building brand loyalty and getting direct sales.


Your Video Has to Look Good!

Speaking of paying it forward, here are some ideas on creating video presentations that can bring customers to your door.

  • Making sure that your presentation looks professional is first and foremost! Because your video’s quality reflects your business, a flawed video will do as much to hurt your brand as a good one will help it! While you can try editing it in-house, having the presentation professionally filmed is an absolute necessity.
  • This means using two (ideally 4K) cameras, having pristine audio, proper lighting, appropriate background, and other nuances that have an instant effect on your audience’s perception of your video and your company.
  • Editing your presentation can include having an animated opening, branding, lower thirds, appropriate edits between cameras, b-roll/cutaway footage, slides, photos and graphics, animated text, color correction, licensed music, and a call to action at the end.


Make Your Video Content Rich

  • It is essential that you keep your target audience uppermost in mind and that your presentation benefits them. You also need to get to the point quickly. If you wait too long to get to the value, the viewer may not stick around to hear it!
  • Be aware of your tone. Your tone should reflect your business’s culture, the nature of your talk, and the type of presentation you are giving. Types of styles include being questioning, serious, inspirational, personal, light-hearted, academic, humorous, or even angry. Your audience, message, and corporate culture should determine the best approach to use.

Techniques to Use

  • Your presentation can include a product or other demonstrations
  • You can tell a story
  • Start with a bold statement
  • Incorporate another self-contained video
  • Ask provocative or insightful questions for your audience to ponder
  • Use humor
  • Incorporate motion graphics
  • Use repetition (sparingly)
  • Use quotes
  • Infographics

Learn more…

There’s much more to consider. If you would like more information or assistance in having your video presentation professionally produced by our Covid Certified videographers, email or call 773 466-8762.

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