Video Editing for Torque King

Video Editing project

Video Editing for an Automotive Manufacturer

We were hired by Torque King, an automotive parts manufacturer, to edit to complete a video editing project. They gave us the raw footage on 8mm tape to re-edit into a  series of suitable programs for their customers. Their customers are part dealers who need training to better understand Torque King’s line of parts.

video editing frame grab

How We Approach a Video Editing Project

The first step in this process was to digitize the 8mm tapes to editable QuickTime files. Next, we uploaded the files to, a video sharing website. This enabled them to create a timecoded edit decision list that identified the sections they wanted in and out of the video.

After receiving their edit decision list, we cut them down to the timecode specifications they provided. We added text to the videos, but mainly just cut them down.

Finally, we exported them and burned a series of DVD’s that they or we could duplicate in larger quantities.

video editing graphics

Excellent Communication Yields Excellent Video

When engaging in a video editing project that requires our client’s input, it’s always best to send them a link to an uploaded video. Sometimes we put the timecode directly on the video. Other times they can just click along the bottom of the frame to see the timecode. Both approaches work just fine.

The main thing is to have good communication with our clients so that were all on the same page. Timecode that is used to identify what a client is thinking is precise and leaves nothing to the imagination. Once we have that, we’re able to proceed with confidence on our video editing project.

Whether you’re located in the Chicago metropolitan area or live in another state, if you need a video edited, please feel free to contact us for a price quote.

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