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Although internet use is practically ubiquitous these days, YuMe put out research that indicates which American states see the most video production Chicago ads. Perhaps this data can be used by marketers, advertisers or any business using online video to target their efforts towards specific markets. Although, the data might also reflect the most-tech savvy states where companies understand the benefits of online video production Chicago as an effective marketing tool.

YuMe put out their Q2 report on video ad metrics and some of the numbers might be a bit surprising. For example, California alone is over 10% of all video ad impressions while Texas and New York are each just over 6%, so almost a quarter of all ad impressions are going to those three States.

Stranger still, there are certain areas where it seems video ads just aren’t seen, for example, Alaska and Hawaii combined are just 0.7%, the mid-southern States of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas are all 1% or lower per State. In fact, most of the central States all the way from Oklahoma to North Dakota are less than one percent. In fact, 25 States account for less than 25% which means that half the states account for more than three-quarters of all video ad impressions in the country.

Possible Reasons For Video Ad Impression Disparity Among States

A lot of it is probably a combination of lifestyle and population. For example, Nevada is 0.8%, of course, there’s so much to see and do in Vegas where the majority of the population lives, is it any wonder they’re not all sitting at home on Internet watching video? Wisconsin on the other hand is 1.6%, mostly me probably, but I bet that number jumps up in winter time when the snow is up to our windows and the temperature too low to register on the thermometer.

It could also have to do with broadband penetration. Looking at a broadband penetration map will show you that those same sub 1% States are also the least connected in the country.

Then again, this could also be due to geo-targeting. Major population centers, seven of the top ten cities in America, are in those three States in the title. Those cities account for some 19 million people. Of course, advertisers would want to target those geographic locations. Florida pulled up fourth in the total ad impressions category with 5.7%, Illinois (mostly Chicago one has to imagine) was fifth at 5.6%.

That means that 1/10th of the states accounted for 33% of impressions. Comparing the two maps you can see that the greenest (most connected) above, don’t exactly match the ad impressions below. Although, a lot of the red (least connected) do match quite well with the lowest percentages below.

In the end I think there are a lot of variables at play here. Obviously, advertisers are going to target where the people are and the product has high availability. On top of that, traffic is generally going to come from the denser populated areas simply because there are more people there.

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