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Chicago Motion Graphics Editor Gives Video Editing Tips

Chicago motion graphics editorWhen you’re using video production content to create motion graphics, there are some steps you’ll want to take before you get into the nitty-gritty. Our Chicago motion graphics editor has provided a few video editing tips for you:

Color Correct

Always color correct the videos first, even if the content came from a professional Chicago video editing services company. Make the colors uniform from start to finish before you begin the rest of your work and you’ll thank yourself for it later on. If you decide to go with a strong visual look, it’ll be that much easier to accomplish with a color-corrected video.


If you’d like to get even more detailed working in a similar fashion, you can use your video editor software to render in separate passes. You can render separate frames for color, highlights, shadow and even speed of movement and tie them back together in a compositor. It might seem tedious, but it could give you a more professional look.

When your motion graphics look off for some reason you can’t quite put your finger on, you can try a z-depth render pass. If you’ve never used that before, it’s a grayscale image showing how far everything in your scene is from the camera. If you’ve edited your lighting a little weird, this could be the thing that shows you what’s wrong.

Video Editing Effects

Subtlety is the best tactic when you’re adding effects to your motion graphics. If you shift colors, just make them the best versions of those colors. Avoid the Instagram look of heavy-duty filters and instead go for a style that looks as if it hasn’t been edited at all. If you want a glow kind of look, use two identical layers of the same footage, then blur the top layer and reduce its opacity. You’ll have a look fit for professional Chicago video production companies that are not on every smart phone app.

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