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Video Editing Training Videos for Business (Pt. 1)

Now that we’ve covered effective editing techniques that are specific to promotional videos for business, we want to discuss video editing training videos for business. This post is the first of a two-part training videos editing series.

Editing an engaging training video

training videosWhen editing a training video, you generally have more latitude in all ways. For instance, you don’t have to make it as attention-grabbing a promotional video needs to be because you generally have a captive audience – your employees! However, if you want them to retain the information and not fall asleep at the 2 minute mark, the video still needs to be engaging.

Simplify the training video so it’s less overwhelming

If you’re explaining something that’s highly technical or requires a fair amount of explanation, it’s best to modularize it or otherwise break it into sections. Just the act of editing the content into smaller, bite-sized components will help the viewer digest each nugget of information easier.

Motion graphics to the rescue

Another way to make it easier on the viewer is through the use of motion graphics. Sometimes seeing an animation of a process superimposed over the video, along with voice over can help to drive the point(s) home. Animation or motion graphics add the element of surprise and mild entertainment to what could otherwise be a drab or boring video.

Animate that text!

Animated text is also very useful. Having an animated text build on the screen helps communicate to the viewer what the important take-aways are. You can have fun with these too. Here’s your chance to get creative with how you present the animated text. But don’t get too creative! Never allow the tools or bells and whistles to get in the way of or distract from the information you are trying to convey. Communicating the information is the main objective – not showing people all of the cool editing tools at your disposal.

The Role of b-roll

If you’re filming a presentation, you may want to include cut-away shots, otherwise known as b-roll. B-roll can be interspersed into the presentation to retain the viewer’s attention and to drill down on a point you want them to understand. For instance, in a manufacturing training video, you may want to show a close up of a drill press in action while listening to the presenters voice over.


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