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Learn to leverage YouTube with professional courses

While many of you are out there experimenting with social media and online video editing on your own schedules, based on your own initiatives, and inspired by the vast selection of tutorials and news on the industry, some of you might still have a hard time “getting it.” There’s nothing inherently wrong with this. Social media, in its entirety, is a large and nuanced concept that requires a lot of organization, scheduling, and vision. I think just about anyone can learn to use social media to achieve their business or marketing goals, but some of you might still be struggling to see the results you’d like from your social media efforts. A part of the problem might be lack of engaging content, and the most engaging (not to mention the most complicated) for of content is online video. But starting in April, ReelSEO is offering a new program to make YouTube experts out of all of you.

Author Greg Jarobie and ReelSEO founder Mark Robertson are teaming up for four training session on YouTube marketing and video production.

The four training sessions are broken down into the following topics:

  • Programming & Producing – Strategies and best practices for programming and video production for content for YouTube.
  • Publishing & Optimizing -Tips and tactics on how to publish and optimize YouTube videos and channels for better rankings, more exposure, views, etc….
  • Community & Social – How to build a community on YouTube and drive social media engagement.
  • Advertising & Conversion – How to choose the right YouTube advertising solutions to drive more conversion and awareness.

youtube training course

There are a couple of options to attend.  If you’re schedule works, you can attend the live training sessions each Wednesday in April where participants will enjoy extra time to ask the instructors their most pressing questions.  If you’re unable to make those dates or would rather attend the training on your own schedule, you can still sign up and have access to the full training curriculum.

You are welcome to sign up for any given training session for only $197, or you can attend the complete course for $587 ($200 off).  All registrants will have access to the archived video of the live sessions, presentation materials from the instructors, and worksheets.

Or, you can always visit Video One Productions for help with your video editing and marketing needs. We already know this stuff.