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YouTube revenue a sign of corporate video success?

There are a number of things corporate and viral video editing have in common. Among them is YouTube. The social video production platform is perhaps the web’s most popular destination for videos. Throughout YouTube, corporate videos and user-created content sit side-by-side. It’s part of the beauty of online communities. Where else can an angsty teenager rub shoulders with the movers and shakers of new media?

The widespread appeal of YouTube, among casual users and businesses, has led the video giant to it’s most profitable year to date. In a recent REELSEO article, Christopher Rick predicts they will earn $2 billion in 2011. It’s a generous estimate compared to the $1 billion predictions coming from other sources.

For anyone unfamiliar with YouTube’s business model, it’s basically like television. The site sells ad space, then shares the profits with the content creator. The growing profits indicate more ad space being sold. As the site gets more popular, more businesses are inclined to advertise with the platform.

Now, I’m not suggesting that businesses should try to make YouTube videos so that they can make some more money through ad sales, but if these advertisers are looking at YouTube as a viable platform to engage people, is there any reason your businesses might not benefit from having a video on the site?


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