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Why Not to Have Your Website Video Autostart, Plus Recommendations

Recommendations for Your Homepage Video Production

Last week I provided some reasons for playing audio and video automatically on your website video. This week, I’ll discuss reasons not to, in addition to recommendations on how to use video on your website.

Reasonwebsite videos Not to Have Your Web Video Play Automatically

  • Taking off from the last ‘pro’, some people don’t like to be surprised by an automatically playing video. Some view it similarly to being ambushed. That might be a bit harsh, but there are some people who just don’t want to be surprised, ‘bullied’, manipulated, or otherwise ‘forced’ to watch something they don’t expect. These extreme terms may be over the top, but I can assure you that some people are put off by an automatically playing video.
  • Related to the last point, you may lose potential customers who would rather choose where they want to go on your site first, rather than being ‘forced’ to watch your video immediately, with no other choices to navigate on your site until the video has ended.
  • Your video may not give an accurate or full description of what you’re all about. It’s difficult to tell your story in a 10 second video – especially if you have many facets to your business or it’s a complex enterprise.

Then again, that’s why people hire professional videographers. We are able to concisely encapsulate the essence of your business or the major point(s) you want to make into a short video.

Criteria for Website Video

Perhaps it’s not an either or situation. Perhaps it depends on the type of organization your website represents. For instance, if you’re a non-profit, I don’t think people expect an audio/video presentation as soon as they get to your website. Then again, if you do go with this approach, a more low-key, soft spoken and sympathetic video would most likely be in order.

One of our clients is a heavy metal record label. Obviously, they are going for an entirely different audience than a human service agency. The point is that your video must fit the nature of your organization, just as the website needs to. You need to play to your audience. Would a heavy metal enthusiast visiting our client’s website enjoy getting barraged by a jarring, frenetic audio and video selection? Probably yes. But even if you go with the sedate, sympathetic music and images of people helping people in a human services video for an agency’s website, I would advise against it – even though the music and images fit within the motif of the organization. Why? Probably because people seeking a human services agency don’t expect or want to be surprised, even by a mellow video.

Then again, having a video without audio playing on your site is an entirely different matter. No problem there as long as it’s in the header of your site and people can still navigate to other part of the site without waiting for the video to end.

Final Words on This Topic

To me, the downside risks outweigh the upside benefits. I’d rather give people the choice as to what they view on our website. Then again, maybe a 6-10 second opening video is a winner. Some people don’t mind you making the first move and showing them what you want them to see.

Either way, you definitely should have a video that concisely describes your business or other organization. My opinion is that the safest bet is to have a 60-90 second video that people can decide to click on when they’re ready to view it.

Either way, we can definitely help you create a great video for your website and organization. If you would like to discuss this, please feel free to email or call us at 773 252-3352.

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