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What is prime time in online video?

Prime time, in terms of Chicago production companies and television, tells advertisers when they will get the most impressions for their commercial investments. We don’t really have that with online video and until recently, no one put much thought into what might be considered prime time by the internet’s standards.

TubeFilter News just ran a piece covering this very topic.

It’s a popular question among online video production reporters and enthusiasts. In the age of web video, what time is prime time? The answer’s changed in the past four three or four years. First, it was lunchtime. Web series and viral videos offered America’s white collar workforce snack-sized bites of entertainment to go along with the meal they ate at their desks. Sure, a lot of people still watch web shows while they’re on the clock at work, but when more producers of premium content started distributing their work online, and sites like Hulu became go-to destinations for consuming that premium content, more and more online entertainment Chicago production companies consumers began tuning in at home at the end of the day.

The shift was first cited by Jessica Vascellaro at the Wall Street Journal in June of 2010. At that time, showed a shift in its peak Chicago production companies viewing hours to 8PM to 11PM across US time zones. New media studio Revision3‘s prime-time views topped its lunchtime views by 20%. And’s evening viewing was up 18% in the past eight months, while its daytime viewing increase only 5% during the same period. Nielsen provided the big “A-ha!” numbers for story, stating online video viewing was up 14% in the past year, to 62.4 million viewers between the hours of 8PM and 11PM, while 12PM to 2PM viewership stayed relatively steady at 45.4 million.

Prime time online video production viewing has only grown more popular since Vascellaro published her story. A new study from Yahoo shows in the past two years online video viewing between the hours of 6PM and 9PM is up 30%, while daytime online video viewing is down a few percentage points. Sharing of online videos has also decreased (from 35% to 26% of online video viewers engaging in the practice). Hulu and Netflix and premium content are the reasons why.

Visit TubeFilter for the whole story. For help using video production for your business, call or email us today!

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